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Pack size: 60

Poultry Boot Swab Kit - Poultry Boot Swab for Salmonellae Monitoring. Dosed with Maximum Recovery Diluent (MRD) Contains 2 Pairs, Gloves & minigrip bag, in medical grade bag

Description: Poultry Boot Swab (boot covers) for Salmonellae. Dosed with Maximum Recovery Diluent (MRD) Contains 2 Pairs & Gloves in medical grade bag.

Recommended For: regular inhouse monitoring of poultry stocks

Ideal For: Poultry house litter testing for Salmonella

Known Limitations: Maximum Recovery Diluent (MRD) is a generalised media hence will recover all organisms. Further selective steps are required 

Shelf Life: 12 months

Sterilisation Method: Gamma Irradiation to achieve a SAL of 10-6

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CodeNameColourLengthQuantityPack sizeNo. in caseShelf life
TS/BSW2-A Poultry Boot Sampling Kits Blue n/a 1 60 n/a 12 months