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Jul 15, 2014

Expose Hidden Contamination

Technical Service Consultants Hygiene SpongeTub offers end-users a convenient all in one monitoring kit that’s a quick and simple method for confirming the presence of living microorganisms on any critical surfaces, including environmental monitoring or HACCP validation.

  • Uncover - hidden contamination exposed
  • Neutralise - disinfectant residues gone
  • Save time - total sampling solution
  • Ready - pre-moistened for convenience
  • Easy - sample large areas quick
  • Quick & safe - no scissors needed
  • Convenience - glove included
  • Superior - sponge collection & release
  • Invaluable - HACCP & routine testing
  • Secure - safe sample transport
  • Strengthen - brands protected

Ideal solution where disinfectants & sanitisers are used, including food production surfaces & transport, clinical & veterinary infection control, pharmaceutical & cosmetics facilities and valuable in cleaning validation, protecting your brand & preventing costly recalls.

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Enviroscreen’s ready to use SpongeTub Kit

Enviroscreen’s ready to use SpongeTub Kit