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Oct 3, 2014

New Sampling Sponge

Confident in Your Disinfectant? Confirm with TSC’s New Simplified Sponge System.

Disinfectants made too weak will only suspend the growth of bacteria without providing total kill (known as the bacteriostatic effect), especially when protein or dirt are present.

Over time, constant incorrect usage will give rise to resistant strains increasing potential for brand damaging recalls. Whilst untrue surface/environmental results will permit contaminated product to be released for general sale. Only by using Technical Service Consultants (TSC) Sponge Sampling Kit with Neutralising Buffer can you guarantee uncovering hidden contamination.

This simple all in one hygiene monitoring kit, provides user confidence that a critical surface is free of living microorganisms after disinfection. This is vital when it comes to protecting your consumers and brand.

  • Uncover - hidden contamination exposed
  • Neutralise  - disinfectant residues gone
  • Save time - total sampling solution
  • Easy open, quick & safe - no scissors needed
  • Superior - sponge collection & release
  • Secure  - re-sealable for safe sample transport
  • Strengthen - brands protected

The new, simplified design doubles as a glove and a stomacher bag for convenience. Effortless sampling with reduced contamination risk as no sample transfer necessary; straight from sampling to stomacher. Food safe pre-moistened blue sponge is ideal for sampling larger surface areas and critical environments including; food production, clinical, veterinary, pharmaceutical and cosmetics facilities. Expose potential contamination. Protect your brands.

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