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Jun 30, 2015

Seeing Double?...not with TSC instructions!

Can you spot the difference?

TSC are introducing a new dual instruction for the Probact Medical dry and Transport range we manufacture to assist the user where procedures and paperwork is not readily available.

To the left is the original ‘Probact’ paper and to the right is the new dual instruction paper. Depending on your product type (for instance a dry swab) follow the ‘dark dot' and arrows until the cross stops you or follow the ‘light dot' and arrows for a Transport swab to the end. The starting 'dark' or 'light' dots are positioned just under the word ‘instruction’.This new packaging also shows a product picture as a visual aid whilst incorporating our new CE mark (SGS) and all the relevant Medical symbols customers would expect.

This enhanced compliance with the Medical Devices Directive (the legal rules around Medical Products) ensures everyone who uses our products knows what to do at the right time! This new packaging is active from 1st July so watch out for it!

There is further improvements coming soon! The product label will be re-designed to provide an improved & clearer layout for recording patient details, plus the ‘PROBACT’ brand will return!

Our new SGS Certification is available for download from our website at